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Automated Laboratory Particle Counter – ALPC 9000 Series


The Automated Laboratory Particle Counter ALPC 9000 is a fully automatic laboratory particle measurement system for hydraulic and lubrication oils. It has a very short measuring times permit analysis of up to 500 samples per day.

Moreover, different versions of the ALPC offer either automatic sample feed by means of 5-axis robotic arm (batch processing) or manual sample feed of individual sample bottles.

Two models of the ALPC are available for the implementation of different requirements:

  • Model ALPC 9000 – 1
    Manual sample introduction from individual sample bottles
  • Model ALPC 9000 – 2
    Automatic sample introduction by means of 6-axis robot arm (batch processing)

What’s more, its applications are for the laboratories.


  • An automatic and monitored processing of measurement and rinsing cycles.
  • A rapid sample analysis due to very short cycle times for measurement and rinsing.
  • An excellent repeatability of the measurement results by means of replicated testing.
  • It requires only small sample quantities (≈ 50 ml).
  • It has a user-friendly operation and graphical evaluation of the results through the use of ALPC Desk software.
  • Calibrated to ISO11171 and ISO4402: consequently, analysis according to NAS 1638 is also possible.
  • Also, an “All-in-one” system including PC, keyboard and monitor. Robotic arm available as an option.
  • Barcode scanner compatible.


***ALPC 9000 2 M W7 GB
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