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Aqua Sensor – AS 8000 Series


The AquaSensor AS 8000 serves to detect and measure the free water in mineral and lubrication fluids, i.e. water content in excess of the saturation point. This sensor is for continuous online monitoring of the water content in a volume percent (approx. 0.5% to 50%). Moreover, it gives the signals via a decoder as a 4 .. 20mA signal, via an RS232 interface or as switching signals. The parameters for the AS 8000 can be set easily via the RS 232 interface.

What’s more, its applications are steel plants, paper industry, mills, marine and offshore, dewatering systems and cooling systems.


  • An online monitoring of the volume of free water in the oil
  • Also, it is possible to detect water ingress promptly, thus preventing malfunctions and damage to systems
  • And it reduces costs caused by downtimes and repairs
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