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Condition Sensor Interface – CSI-B-7


The ConditionSensor interface module is used to transmit digital sensor signals (Hydac Sensor Interface HSI) into a network protocol (HSI TCP/IP or Modbus TCP).

On the CSI-B-7 you can connect up to two sensors via the screw terminals and supply them with power. Parameterise the desired IP address and subnet mask once via the 5 pin male connection M12x1. The network connection is made using a commercially available network cable (patch) with an RJ45 connector. The interface module has been developed for top hat rail installation in control cabinets.


  • 2 input channels for HYDAC sensors
  • Modbus TCP
  • Direct connection of the sensors via screw terminals
  • Network connection via RJ45 socket
  • Very compact design
  • Suitable for mounting on top hat rails
  • Protection class IP 40


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