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Fluid Control Unit – FCU 1000


The FCU 1000 is a portable service unit designed for short term measurement of particle contamination, the humidity level in % saturation and temperature of the fluid in hydraulic systems.

The integral pump and hoses supplied make it possible to use the FCU 1000 series for the following applications:

  • control circuits
  • pressure circuits
  • unpressurized tanks

In the internal FCU 1310 memory, all measured data (ISO, SAE/NAS, % saturation and temperature in °C or °F) is stored in files (measured value file) and folders (test points). Data is stored with a time stamp. Evaluation can then be carried out conveniently on a PC in MS Excel or in our FluidMonitoring Software (FluMoS), Version 1.30 or higher.

Its applications are hydraulic systems, service for mobile hydraulics and maintenance.


  • Integrated AquaSensor AS 1000 for measuring humidity and temperature
  • Suitable for hydraulic fluids up to 350 mm²/s (hydraulic fluids up to ISO VG 68)


  • Operating mode: short-term operation (S4, in accordance with DIN EN 60034/VDE 0530)
  • Cleanliness classes in accordance with ISO and SAE and/or NAS:
    Measurement range calibrated: ISO 13/11/10 … ISO 23/21/18
    Measurement range display: ISO Code 9/8/7 (MIN) to ISO Code 25/24/23 (MAX)


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