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Fluid Monitoring Module – FMM


The Fluid Monitoring Module FMM series combines two of HYDAC’s condition monitoring products, the Contamination Sensor CS 1000 and AquaSensor AS 1000, in one system.

Therefore, it provides the user with a robust and stationary system. This system will provide online measurements of the particle contamination and water content (e.g. to detect leakage) in hydraulic and lubrication fluids.

What’s more, the FMM series of blocks have all the necessary connections. They are, therefore, easy to install in existing hydraulic circuits.

Various models are available for use in filtration & cooler/heater circuits, pressure and high-pressure applications.


  • A cost-effective installation
  • The identification in good time of critical machine conditions
  • A continuous oil condition monitoring
  • A condition-based maintenance planning


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