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Metallic Contamination Sensor – MCS 1000


The Metallic Contamination Sensor MCS 1000 monitors metallic particle contamination in lubrication fluid. Indeed, it detects the particles by inductive measurement in which a coil system is the core element of the sensor.

Furthermore, it detects metallic particles (ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic) in the > 100 µm size range. The MCS 1000 continuously monitors the condition of the system and provides information on any early-stage damage. The sensor is, therefore, a reliable tool for condition-based maintenance.

What’s more, it possesses certification from Germanischer Lloyd Industrial Service.


  • An early detection of impending damage to gears
  • It prevents costly plant downtime
  • It is also the perfect complement to optical sensors
  • The measurement of metallic particles (ferromagnetic Fe and nonferromagnetic nFe) > 100 µm
  • The air bubbles or liquid contamination in the fluid don’t affect the measurement result
  • Moreover, the condition monitoring systems in wind power plants with GL certifications don’t lose it. Indeed, the component itself has certification; so, if the MCS 1000 is built into the system after certification, it will keep it.


  • Flow rate: 10 … 200 l/min
  • Operating pressure: max. 20 bar
  • A simple integration of the sensor in the system through the availability of different adapters.


3435425MCS 1510-5-0/000
3665658MCS 1310-1-0/000
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