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Measuring Microscopes – MM-S5-M / MM-S5-M-U


These measuring microscopes serve mainly to measure particles on filter membranes of oil samples.

How does it work?

What’s more, the microscopes are stable and robust in design. Indeed, in accordance with the requirements of oil analysis, the optical equipment has the maximum luminous intensity and consistent definition over the whole image range.

The body has also the facility for coarse and fine adjustment. Indeed, there is a slide table with X and Y movements as standard. It, therefore, enables easy adjustment of the focus and subject position.

The integrated LED lighting with power supply provides sufficient image brightness even at high magnification. The microscope case protects the microscope from knocks and dust. It is also possible to use the microscope MM-S5-M-U with or without the CCD camera. Moreover, the measuring scale in the camera lens has a scale division of 1 mm in 100 parts.

With the aid of the software supplied, it is possible to process the image on a PC or laptop. The camera images can be embedded in many Windows® applications as files.

Its applications are for a laboratory.


  • A simple analysis of membranes (also on site).


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