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Sensor Monitoring Unit – SMU 1100


The Sensor Monitoring Unit SMU 1100 is a compact control unit for displaying and storing measured values in a PC network.

Therefore, the storage of the measured values is on an interchangeable MMC memory card. Also, a rolling display shows the measured values of all connected sensors.

What’s more, the connection of the following sensors can be direct:

  • The Contamination Sensor CS 1000, CS 2000
  • The Aqua Sensor AS 1000, AS 2000, AS 8000
  • The oil condition sensor HYDACLab® HLB1000
  • The clogging Indicator VL X GW


  • A simple setup in parallel to the customer’s system
  • A high protection class, therefore, there is no requirement for a switch box connection
  • The sensor connections happen via M12x1 male connector. So, there is no requirement for a specialist personnel for the installation
  • No programming necessary
  • Read-out of measured values from the MMC memory card via a card reader
  • A simple data processing and evaluation using FluMoS or MS-Excel
  • Also, the transfer of the measured values via an Ethernet interface using OPC server
  • And the program restarts independently after a voltage loss


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