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Water Test Kit


The Water Test Kit determines the water content in volume percent in mineral and lubricating oils.

How does it work?

Simply adding 2 reagents to the contaminated oil causes an increase in pressure in the measuring cell. Therefore, this pressure increase is output via the digital display as water content in vol% or ppm. Time per test: approx. 5 minutes only (excluding sample preparation)


  • The measurement cell is easy to clean
  • A high resolution in the lower measurement range
  • It is possible to replace the button cell
  • Display is backlit
  • Also, it is possible to select the following display languages:
    • English (factory default setting)
    • German
    • Danish
    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish



  • It is possible to select the measurement range: 0.02 … 1 %; 0 … 10% and 100 … 3000 ppm
  • Time per measurement: only approximately 2 minutes (without sample preparation)
  • A plastic housing light weight, impact-proof and chemical-resistant
  • An easy cleaning of the pressure sensor, and a high measurement accuracy
  • A high resolution in the lower measurement range
  • A battery replaceable
  • An illuminating display
  • It can also display texts in many languages
  • Not a hazardous material
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