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Mobile Filter Systems


To begin with, for servicing several systems, there are convenient mobile units for particle filtration:

  • Portable filtration units
  • And mobile filtration units

The benefits:

  • The filling and flushing are clean and efficient
  • It is flexible since it’s possible to use it on different systems
  • It relieves the main filters
  • Also, a greater system availability
  • Finally, it brings a reduction in the Life Cycle Cost

What’s more, with its water extraction systems, HYDAC offers an extensive range of professional solutions. It will be mainly for the oil maintenance of your lubrication and hydraulic fluids in off-line filtration applications.

The recommended areas of application include: 

  • Machine tools
  • Plastic injection moulding machinery
  • Ship locks
  • Construction machinery
  • Power stations
  • Presses
  • Also, paper machinery
  • And steel mills/rolling mills
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