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Hazardous Area Filter Trolley – HAFT

To begin with, filtration of hydraulic fluid is vitally important in order to reduce downtime, prolong components lifetime and increase system performance.

The HYDAC Hazardous Area Filter Trolley (HAFT) is an offline filtration system for cleaning hydraulic fluid, especially in ATEX & IECEX rated zones. What’s more, the trolley utilises our HYDAC Stat-free® filter elements to ensure the removal of any contamination in a system, while preventing static build-up on the element.


  • Notified body approved
  • 50 lpm flow
  • A stat-free® element technology
  • A variable micron filtration range
  • A large dirt holding capacity
  • 25 m mains cable
  • Variable length hoses
  • A detachable suction lance option to enable easy transfer to fluid from a barrel into the reservoir
  • A flow switch to prevent the unit from running dry and to enable the system to be left running unattended
  • A mobile filtration/filling system
  • 316 stainless steel made for avoiding corrosion
  • Also, it is suitable for use in an offshore environment
  • and it has carbon steel parts painted to offshore paint specification.
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