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Hazardous Area Filter Trolley – HAFT

Filtration of hydraulic fluid is vitally important in order to reduce downtime, prolong components lifetime and increase system performance.

HYDAC has developed a Hazardous Area Filter Trolley (HAFT) which is an offline filtration system for cleaning hydraulic fluid, especially in ATEX & IECEX rated zones. The trolley utilises our HYDAC Stat-free® filter elements to ensure the removal of any contamination in a system while preventing static build-up on the element.


  • Notified body approved
  • 50 lpm flow
  • Stat-free® element technology
  • Variable micron filtration range
  • Large dirt holding capacity
  • 25 m mains cable
  • Variable length hoses
  • Detachable suction lance option to enable easy transfer to fluid from a barrel into the reservoir
  • Flow switch to prevent the unit from running dry and to enable the system to be left running unattended
  • Mobile filtration/filling system
  • Suitable for use in an offshore environment
  • 316 stainless steel made for avoiding corrosion
  • Carbon steel parts painted to offshore paint specification.


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