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OF7 with Contamination Sensor CS1000


The filtration unit OF 7 with Contamination Sensor CS 1000 is a portable service unit. It serves for filling hydraulic systems, rinsing smaller hydraulic systems and offline filtration.

On the other hand, with the Contamination Sensor CS 1000, the filtration unit can also monitor the oil cleanliness at the same time. The reception of the cleanliness results is according to ISO, SAE and NAS classifications.

What’s more, its applications are filling with hydraulic systems and temporary offline filtration of hydraulic systems.


  • A continuous monitoring of oil cleanliness during cleaning using CS 1000
  • A cleanliness results according to ISO, SAE and NAS classifications
  • An improvement of the component and system filter lifetime
  • An increase of oil lifetime
  • Also, a greater machine availability
  • And an “easy to use” compact design


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