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Varnish Mitigation Unit


The Varnish Mitigation Units VMU are designed to condition mineral oils and are easy to use. They are particularly effective at removing oil ageing products (varnish) from mineral oils. Varnish takes the form of insoluble oil ageing products which settle in the tank, in valves or in bearings. These can be non-filterable gels or solid paint type deposits.

The VMU series units are used offline. The removal of varnish is on the basis of adsorption on an active surface.


  • Removal of solid or gel-type oil ageing products
  • Operating reliability of the system is increased because there are fewer deposits in hydraulic valves
  • Increase in the oil service life
  • Available as a complete unit for retrofitting to existing systems, as well as a modular system for new systems


Varnish Mitigation Units – VMU series

***VMU-1-M-G-B-1-C-AS/-FA2415V 3 phase
3846120*VMU-4-M-G-B-1-C-AS/-FA2415V 3 phase
***VMU-1-M-G-AJ-1-C-AS/-FA2240V 1 phase
***VMU-4-M-G-AJ-1-C-AS/-FA2240V 1 phase
*** Product number not available at the moment.


Spare elements

*** Product number not available at the moment.
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