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Varnish Elimination Unit – VEU-F

Varnish Elimination Unit

The service-friendly Varnish Elimination Units VEU are used to prepare mineral oils. They are particularly effective at removing oil ageing products (varnish) from mineral oils. Varnish takes the form of oil-insoluble oil ageing products which settle in the tank, in valves or in bearings. These can be filterable gels or solid paint-type deposits.

The VEU-F series of units are used in bypass flow. The removal of varnish is based on reducing the oil solubility of varnish with subsequent filtration.

Special features:

  • Removal of solid or gel-like oil aging products
  • Increased operating reliability of the system as a result of fewer deposits in hydraulic valves
  • Increase in the oil service life
  • Available as a complete unit for retrofitting to existing systems and for new systems
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