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Breather Dryer – BDM / BDL


The HYDAC BDM / BDL filters are breather dryers.

The inline version BDL and the breather dryer BDM consist of a filter cartridge only, which is nonreplaceable.

The breather dryer cartridges are filled with silica gel (orange) which, once at complete saturation, cannot be regenerated. A durable contamination filter above and below the silica gel prevents contamination from penetrating inside the cartridge (particle filtration > 2 µm nominal). This ensures optimum humidity absorption. Moreover, to guarantee the performance of the protective filter layers, it’s imperative to replace the entire cartridge. When a change of the filter is due, the colour changes from orange to green.

Furthermore, filling/breather filters from HYDAC prevent contamination and water from entering the system in connection with fluctuations of the oil level in the tank (tank breathing).



  • Tank mounting filter
  • For separation of solid particles and water
  • Throughput volume up to 15,000 l/min (with Dp=0.01 bar)
  • Optional
    – lockable
    – anti-splash protection
    – counterbalance valve
    – an anti-droplet device


1285948BDM 15 N 2 W 1.0
1285949BDM 30 N 2 W 1.X
1285950BDM 50 N 2 W 1.X
1285951BDM 80 N 2 W 1.X
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