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Inline Filter – MFM

The design of the filter housings is in accordance with international regulations. What’s more, it consists of a filter head and a screw-in filter bowl.

Standard equipment:

  • A bypass valve,
  • Also, the connection for a clogging indicator on the top of the head (4 mounting holes),
  • Filters are supplied phosphatized and primed.

In addition, filter elements are available with the following pressure stability values: Optimicron® (ON) 20 bar

Filter elements:

Click here.

Clogging Indicator:

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1290649MFM 35 O B XX A 4.0 /-B7
1290655MFM 55 O B XX A 4.0 /-B7
1281373MFM 75 O H XX A 4.0 /-B7
1298152MFM 95 O H XX A 3.0 /-B7
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