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Return Line Filter


HYDAC has developed its own return line filters tank mounting for cleaning the oil going through the filters. Indeed, the return line filters have reliably remove the contamination from the operating fluid. Following this filtration, the fluid flows back into the tank.

HYDAC return line filter for clean, filtered, operating fluid:

The position of the return filters is at the end of the return line as:

  • Line filters
  • Tank attachment filters on the tank
  • Tank integrated filters in the tank

So, this means that there is filtration back into the tank of the operating fluids returning from the system flow. All contamination particles which could penetrate the system or which were generated in the system are filtered out of the operating fluid before they return to the tank.


  • Filtration of the entire return flow
  • Contaminated fluid from the system can not return to the tank
  • Inexpensive filter housing and element


  • Flow rates up to 15,000 l/min
  • Pressure levels up to 25 bar
  • Numerous connection variants
  • Various in-tank versions possible


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