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Return Line Suction Line Boost Filter – The New Generation – RKM


A filter crammed with cutting-edge technology.

The optimisation of the new RKM leads to better service, efficiency, and quality. It also leads to triumph regarding its technical sophistication.

On the brochure below, you will see the choice of possible RKM configurations. Each of the versions illustrated is the result of a specifically customised solution. In other words, these are not “off the shelf” products; their developments answer specific requests from the mobile sector. The result is a range of matchless flexibility and a wealth of ideas.

Needless to say, with the varied RKM standard range as your starting point, there is always the option of developing new RKM solutions. It’s possible to tailor them individually to your application and requirement profile. Please view this selection as an “appetiser” and let us know what solutions you are seeking.

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