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Inline Filter for Reversible Oil Flow – DFF / DFFX


The HYDAC DFF filter series is an inline filter for reversible flow. It has a flow capacity up to 1800 l/min and a pressure capacity up to 420 bar.

The design of the filter housings is in accordance with international regulations. They consist of a filter head and a screw-in filter bowl.

What’s more, DFF filters are suitable for flow in both directions. The Dp optimised filters DFFX are also suitable for flow in both directions and the filter ports are in L configuration.

Standard equipment:

  • A connection for a clogging indicator in filter head
  • Without bypass valve
  • A drain screw with pressure relief (for size DF/DFF/DFFX 330 and above)
  • 1 or 2-piece filter bowl available as an option for DF/DFF 280-660, DFFX 330- 660 and DF 2000
  • 2-piece filter bowl standard for size DF/DFF/DFFX 990 and above


  • Flow rates up to 1000 l/min
  • Pressure levels up to 420 bar
  • Connections: G¾ to SAE DN 50
  • Installation sizes: 60, 110, 140, 160, 240, 280, 330, 500, 660, 990, 1320, 1500


Also, pressure filters of the DFFX series for reversible oil flow are particularly energy-saving thanks to the extremely low-pressure loss.


  • Max. operating pressure: 420 bar
  • Flow rate: up to 650 l/min
  • Head form: L-shaped flow
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +100°C (-30°C to -10°C: pmax: 210 bar)
  • Installation sizes: 330, 500, 660 ,990, 1320


Filter elements: Click here.

Clogging Indicator: Click here.


Pressure Filter Reverse Flow DFF Series

304310DFF 60 T C XX A 1.0
307989DFF 110 T C XX A 1.0
313767DFF 140 T C XX A 1.0
1316543DFF 160 T E XX A 1.0 /-QPD
1316544DFF 240 T E XX A 1.1 /-QPD
1316545DFF 280 T E XX A 1.1 /-QPD
1316546DFF 330 T F XX A 1.0 /-QPD
1316547DFF 330 T L XX A 1.0 /-QPD
1316548DFF 660 T F XX A 1.0 /-QPD
1316549DFF 660 T F XX A 1.0 /-B6-QPD
1316550DFF 660 T L XX A 1.0 /-QPD
1316542DFF 1320 T L XX A 2.0 /-B6-QPD
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