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Diesel Filling Pump


The HYDAC Diesel filling pump MFZP-1/6.0/P/63/ 5/24V-DC is a compact unit with DC drive for a quick and easy tank-to-tank diesel transfer.

For permanent installation in:
• Excavators
• Pavers
• Rollers
• Cranes
• Forestry machines

Technical Specification:

Model: Connections sidewise
Medium: Diesel fuel acc. to DIN EN 590
Mounting position: optional
Flow rate: 5 – 50 (80) l/min
Voltage: 12V DC or 24V DC
Protection class: IP 65
24V Short time operation (S3):
10 A – 60 min
15 A – 38 min
20 A – 20 min
25 A – 13 min
Weight: approx. 3.5 kg


  • Suction head up to 2.5 m height no initial filling necessary before commissioning
  • Compact construction space-saving and reduction of weight
  • DC motor with safety type IP65
  • DC motor with low output due to good pump efficiency
  • Less power consumption
  • Suitable for intermittent dry operation


723584          MFZP-1/6.0/P/63/ 2/24V-DC(5L/MIN-IP65)   
723819       MFZP-1/6.0/P/63/ 5/12V-DC(20L/MIN-IP65)
724040MFZP-1/6.0/P/63/ 5/24V-DC(20L/MIN-IP65)
3030441MFZP-1/6.0/P/63/ 7/24V-DC(28L/MIN-IP65)
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