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Screw Pumps

Hydraulic Screw Pumps

The Hydraulic Screw Pumps are suitable for industrial applications where requirements of a high reliability and low noise are necessary. Therefore, they produce very low vibration, pulsation and guarantee a long life for your applications.

Options for HYDAC Hydraulic Screw Pumps:

A couple of options are optionally possible with reliable electrical motors and its utilisation can be in many kinds of hydraulic applications.

Moreover, the pumps are equipped with an integrated pressure relief valve.


  • Hydraulic/Lube
  • Cooling
  • Fluid transferring
  • Finally, lubrication


Direct Drive Mount

2350120HSP20 E-3-HL-B14-SD14/5-V-B15-AX-BB
2350121HSP20 E-4-HL-B14-SD14/5-V-B15-AX-BB
2350122HSP20 E-5-HL-B5-SD19/6.5-V-B15-AX-BB
2350123HSP20 E-7-HL-B5-SD19/6.5-V-B15-AX-BB
2350124HSP25 E-9-HL-B5-SD19/6.5-V-B15-AX-CB
2350125HSP32 E-13-HL-B5-SD24/8.5-V-B15-AX-FI
2350126HSP32 E-20-HL-B5-SD24/8.5-V-B15-AX-EI
2350127HSP32 E-27-HL-B5-SD24/8.5-V-B15-AX-FI
2350128HSP40 E-36-HL-B5-SD28/8.5-V-B15-AX-FJ
2350129HSP40 E-45-HL-B5-SD28/8.5-V-B15-AX-FJ
2350130HSP40 E-55-HL-B5-SD28/8.5-V-B15-AX-FJ


Bell Housing Mount

2350131HSP45 E-65-HL-ISO-SD35/10-V-B15-AX-MK
2350132HSP45 E-76-HL-ISO-SD35/10-V-B15-AX-MK
2350133HSP45 E-91-HL-ISO-SD35/10-V-B15-AX-MK
2350134HSP55 E-91-HL-ISO-SD35/10-V-B15-AX-ML
2350135HSP55 E-110-HL-ISO-SD35/10-V-B15-AX-ML
2350136HSP55 E-138-HL-ISO-SD35/10-V-B15-AX-ML
2350137HSP60 E-160-HL-ISO-SD35/10-V-B15-AX-MM
2350138HSP60 E-182-HL-ISO-SD35/10-V-B15-AX-MM
2350139HSP70 E-291-HL-ISO-SD35/10-V-B15-AX-ON


Screw Pump and Motor

2352990HSP32-S3-T 55L/90/1.1KW/1000/RF3
3200588HSP40-S1-T 150L/90/3KW RF2
3422274HSP40-T 100L/90/3KW RF2
3207710HSP45-T 180L/112/5.5KW RF2
2350217HSP45 SN T 180L/BH/132/5.5kW/4-IP55/RF2
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