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HYDAC’s OXiStop is a tank solution for hydraulic systems with integrated, hydraulically driven degassing and Dewatering Unit.

An integrated membrane prevents direct contact with the ambient air. Therefore, this means that the tank can be for differential operating volume actually needed, reducing its size. The pump flow rate is not important for the tank design. The fluid reaches a very low gas and water content. Also, it is possible to install the OXiStop in extremely dusty or humid environments. This is thanks to the membrane, which keeps the fluid “vacuum packed”.

Furthermore, HYDAC offers three standard sizes for a differential operating volume up to 70 liters**.

Additionally, realisation of customer specific solutions is possible. The OXiStop can be available with an optional return line filter, water/oil cooler as well as with the Aqua Sensor AS and the Contamination Sensor CS.


  • Increases oil service life. Preserves the condition of the oil.
  • Reduces oil volume. By a factor of 10 or more.
  • Reduces cavitation noise. Due to continuous degassing.
  • Reduces oil oxidation. Oxygen content reduced by 80%.
  • Reduces contamination. Keeps out and cleans out solids, liquids & gases due to ‘closed system’ operation.


Oxistop Tank Solution


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