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Check Valves

Check Valves

Check valves belong to the category of the shut-off valves.

These valves allow flow in one direction and block the opposite direction.

A check valve basically consists of a housing (casing) with an integrated valve seat, a tempered and ground closing element (cone) and a pressure spring. Another design uses a ball as a closing element.

Shut-off valves from HYDAC are poppet and spool valves. They control the opening or closing of lines and other hydraulic components.

Automatic Air Bleed Valve AEV Series

859100AEV 6


Connection Housings (Sandwich Plate)

395252ZA06020-01X (2SV, RV5, DV5, DZ5)
395611ZA06020-10X (2SV, RV5, DV5, DZ5)
395254ZAB06020-01X (2SV, RV5, SR5, DV5, DZ5)
395613ZAB06020-10X (2SV, RV5, SR5, DZ5)
560650ZAB08021-01X (FOR 2 PC.SBVE-R1/2)
1395259ZABT06020-01X (2SV..V, 2SV..W, DB4)
395260ZAP06020-01X (2SV...V,2SV...W)
395261ZAPBT06020-01X (2SV..V, 2SV..W)
395257ZAT06020-01X (2SV..V, 2SV..W, DB4)
395253ZB06020-01X (2SV, RV5, SR5, DV5, DZ5)
395612ZB06020-10X (2SV, RV5, SR5, DZ5)
395258ZBT06020-01X (2SV..V, 2SV..W, DB4)
395263ZP06020-01X (SR5, RV5)
395255ZP06020-10X (2SV, DV5)
395264ZPT06020-10X (DB4, PDB06020, SR5)
395256ZPT06020-10X (DB4, PDB06020, SR5)
395265ZT06020-01X (RV5)


Inline Connection Housings

277440R03230-01X-0 (WSE3E)
275266R06020-01X-01 (DB4, 2SV, RV5, SR5, DV5)
276842R06020-10X-01 (DB4, 2SV, RV5, SR5, DV5)
275033R08021-01X-01 (ERVE-R1/2, SBVE-R1/2)
283841R08021-10X-01 (ERVE-R1/2, SBVE-R1/2)
283025R08030-01X-01 (DMVE-G1/2)
394488R08130-01X-01 (WKE.08130, WSE.08130)
394378R08130-01X-02 (WKE.08130, WSE.08130)
394473R08140-01X-0 (WKE.08140)
393535R08140-01X-02 (WKE.08140)
395234R10120-01X-01 (RV10120, WSE.10120)
395235R10120-01X-02 (RV10120, WSE.10120)
395232R10120A-01X-01 (DB10120A)
395233R10120A-01X-02 (DB10120A)
395236R10121-01X-01 (RP10121)
395237R10121-01X-02 (RP10121)
395238R10130-01X-01 (DM10130)
395239R10130-01X-02 (DM10130)
396708R12120-10X-01 (WSE.12120)
396489R12120A-01X-01 (DB12120A)
277051R16021-01X-01 (ERVE-R1, SBVE-R1)
275276R20021-01X-01 (ERVE-R1 1/2)


Internal Valve Housing 

393215XB-05520-01X (SRE1, RBE-R1/4)
393217XB-08520-01X (SRE2, RBE-R3/8)
393219XB-10520-01X (SRE2, RBE-R3/8)
395061XB-12520-01X (SRE4, RBE-R3/4)
393224XX-05520-01X (SRE1, RBE-R1/4)
393226XX-08520-01X (SRE2, RBE-R3/8)
393228XX-10520-01X (SRE3, RBE-R1/2)
395063XX-12520-01X (SRE4, RBE-R3/4)

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