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Direct Acting, Cartridge – RVE-R 1/8 to 1/2

Direct Acting, Cartridge RVE-R 1/8 to 1/2

The RVE is a check valve which allows flow in one direction and shuts off flow in the other direction.

The design is a spring-loaded ball with a standard cracking pressure of 0.5 bar.


  • Check valves for mounting directly into control blocks
  • Both axial and radial flow direction
  • Choice of four sizes for optimum adaptability to the system
  • Leakage-free poppet design for complete shut-off
  • Cracking pressures other than 0.5 bar are available as an option


710150RVE R1/8-X-0.51/8
710151RVE R1/4-X-0.51/4
710152RVE R3/8-X-0.53/8
710153RVE R1/2-X-0.51/2

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