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2-Way Flow Regulator, Pressure Compensated – SRVR / SRVRP 08 to 20

2-Way Flow Regulator, Pressure Compensated, SRVR / SRVRP 08 to 20

The SRVR / SRVRP is a pressure compensated flow control valve which maintains a constant outlet flow by means of a control function.

Therefore, the flow rate is largely independent of the pressure and viscosity. The valve has a variable orifice with pressure compensator spool. The variable orifice determines the flow cross section. If oil is flowing from A to B, a pressure drop occurs at the variable orifice. The pressure compensator moves into the control position which corresponds to the force equilibrium. This is created by the pressure drop acting on the control piston area and overcoming the spring force.

As the flow rate increases (increasing pressure drop), it reduces the diameter of the control orifice until the forces are equal again. Achievement of a constant flow rate from A to B is therefore possible. In the reverse direction, there is free flow via a built-in check valve.


  • Regulating the speed of loads independently of the pressure
  • Limiting the max. speed of lifting gear
  • Limiting the flow rate for control oil circuits in the main circuit and offline
  • Hardened and ground valve components to ensure minimal wear and extended service life
  • Choice of five sizes for optimum adaptability to the system
  • Space-saving installation
  • Finally, optional nickel-plated version available (SRVR-10 to 16, SRVRP-10 and 12)


Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valves SRVR Series – Inline Mounting

706067SRVR 08 01.X1/4
706075SRVR 10 01.X3/8
706083SRVR 12 01.X1/2
706091SRVR 16 01.X3/4
706115SRVR 20 01.X1


Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valves SRVRP Series – Manifold Mounting

706151SRVRP 08 01.X
706153SRVRP 10 01.X
706155SRVRP 12 01.X
706157SRVRP 16 01.X
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