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4/3 Directional Control Valve, Optional with Diversion Plate or Pilot Valve – 4WH E 10


The 4WH E 10 valve is a 4/3 directional control valve. It operates hydraulically. What’s more, there is optional of diversion plate or pilot valve.


  • It operates electro-hydraulically with pilot valve NW6 or hydraulically with diversion plate
  • It flows up to 150l/min
  • Also, it has an internal or external ported pilot supply and drain line selectable by internal plug setting
  • Finally, attention: Pilot valve, diversion plate and fixing screws are not in the scope of delivery


34920564WHE 10 E S01 /V
34920594WHE 10 J S01 /V
34920604WHE 10 G S01 /V
34920614WHE 10 H S01 /V
34920624WHE 10 E S01 /N
34920634WHE 10 J S01 /N
34920644WHE 10 G S01 /N
34920654WHE 10 H S01 /N

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