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Flow Regulator, Pressure Compensated with Transducer – VP-P2SRR6


The P2SRR6 is a direct acting 2-way flow control valve.

Indeed, controls of flows from port A to B are independent of the pressure. Therefore, in the opposite direction, there is free flow through the check valve. The controlled flow rate is proportional to the electrical input signal at the coil.
Moreover, analogue to his size the coil creates a force which pushes the piston against the spring. Hereby, it opens the diameters which determine the size of the flow independent from the pressure differential. Also, a built-in pressure compensator enables the regulation independent of pressure changes from port A to B.


  • A high flow by optimized casted housing
  • A small hysteresis by superfinish of moving parts
  • A long life by magnet switching under oil
  • A minimal wear by hardened and ground valve piston
  • Also, a simple exchangeability by international standardized hole pattern ISO 6263
  • And an electronic control by PEK-SRA (see brochure
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