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CETOP 5, Pressure Reducing, Direct Acting – ZW-DM10


The ZW-DM10 is a pressure reducing valve pilot operated, sandwich plate type.


  • A hole pattern to DIN 24340 Form A10, ISO 4401-05, nominal size 10
  • Pressure reducing valve sandwich plate type, normal open, with pressure reducing function to the consumer
  • It is easy to assemble under body mounted spool valves to DIN 24340 Form A10, to ISO 4401-05 (use longer screws)
  • Also, it is adjustable by tool

3504888ZW-DM10-01-PA 70V- V
3504889ZW-DM10-01-PA 140V- V
3504890ZW-DM10-01-PA 210V- V
3504891ZW-DM10-01-PA 320V- V
3504892ZW-DM10-01-PB 70V- V
3504893ZW-DM10-01-PB 140 V- V
3504894ZW-DM10-01-PB 210V- V
3504896ZW-DM10-01-PB 320V- V
3504864ZW-DM10-01-PT 70V- V
3504885ZW-DM10-01-PT 140V- V
3504886ZW-DM10-01-PT 210V- V
3504887ZW-DM10-01-PT 320V- V

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