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CETOP 3, Flow Regulator, Pressure Compensated with Reverse Flow Check – ZW-2SR06


The ZW-2SR06 is a flow regulator with reverse flow check sandwich plate type. Therefore, it serves for flow control in one direction, and free back-flow in opposite direction.


  • A hole pattern to DIN 24340 Form A6, ISO 4401-03, nominal size 06
  • It is easy to assemble under body mounted spool valves to DIN 24340 Form A6, ISO 4401 (use longer screws)
  • Type to ISO 7790
  • Also, it is adjustable per turning knob


3535596ZW-2SR06-01- AA -01- V
3535600ZW-2SR06-01- AA -04- V
3535603ZW-2SR06-01- AA -10- V
3535636ZW-2SR06-01- AA -16- V
3535638ZW-2SR06-01- AA -22- V
3535641ZW-2SR06-01- AA -30- V
3535648ZW-2SR06-01- AB -01- V
3535650ZW-2SR06-01- AB -04- V
3535651ZW-2SR06-01- AB -10- V
3535653ZW-2SR06-01- AB -16- V
3535654ZW-2SR06-01- AB -22- V
3535657ZW-2SR06-01- AB -30- V
3535659ZW-2SR06-01- AAB -01- V
3535660ZW-2SR06-01- AAB -04- V
3535661ZW-2SR06-01- AAB -10- V
3535663ZW-2SR06-01- AAB -16- V
3535664ZW-2SR06-01- AAB -22- V
3535668ZW-2SR06-01- AAB -30- V

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