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Directional poppet valves – WSE6

HYDAC Solenoid poppet valves of series WSE6 are directional valves for oil hydraulic installations up to 350 bar.

When the solenoid has energy, depending on the symbol, one or more cone-type poppet elements are actuated coordinated, that the corresponding flow paths are enabled.
The realisation of the reset is in the same way. Strong springs ensure a secure rest position and high tightness. By the modular design principle of key components, it’s possible to realise a high variety of symbols.
Therefore, these valves could serve as an adequate alternative to the nonleakage- free spool valves.
The specially grinded poppet-type closing elements are pressure compensated and therefore tight in both directions (in case of pressure return the valves are not intending to open).
Moreover, an emergency manual override allows the switching of the valve without solenoid erection (up to 70 bar tank pressure).


• A direct acting directional poppet valve, solenoid operated
• Patented functional principle
• Pressure compensated
• Leakage-free
• Reliable switching
• Hardened seat elements (Housing and poppet)
• Also, a plate mounted valve with hole pattern according to ISO4401
• Finally, there is no opening necessary of the pressure-tight chamber in case of coil change


• Control of direction and position – fully exchangeable to solenoid spool valves
• Energy efficient switching
• Accumulator charging circuits
• Clamping functions
• Also, tooling machines, hydraulic presses, test benches and mobile market

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