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CETOP 5, 4/2 Directional Spool Valve, Direct Acting – 4 WE 10 EA

4 WE 10 EA

HYDAC  4WE 10 EA series are 4/2 directional spool valves for oil hydraulic systems, which serve to open and close flow paths.


  • Direct-acting, solenoid-operated valve NW 10
  • Economical and reliable due to simple design
  • Oil- immersed solenoid armature for long life and low noise operation
  • Replacement of solenoid coils can be happen with no possibility of oil leakage
  • Also, interface to DIN 24340 Form A6, ISO 4401
  • Finally, manual override


60631504WE 10 EA S01-12DG /V
60631564WE 10 EA S01-24DG /V
37185314WE 10 EA S01-96DG /V
37185324WE 10 EA S01-205DG /V
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