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CETOP 3, 4/2 Directional Spool Valve, Direct Acting – 4 WE 6 D-OF

4 WE 6 D-OF

HYDAC 4/2 directional spool valves in the series 4WE 6 D-OF are directional valves for oil hydraulic systems. It mainly serves to open and close flow paths.

The 4WE 6 D-OF is a directional valve with two spool positions, two solenoids and one detente. It can therefore alternately locks the two spools in position. So it’s not necessary to give the solenoid permanent energy.


  • A direct-acting, solenoid-operated valve NW 6
  • An economical and reliable due to simple design
  • An oil-immersed solenoid armature for long life and low noise operation
  • The replacement of solenoid coils can happen with no possibility of oil leakage
  • Also, an interface to DIN 24340 Form A6, ISO 4401
  • The possibility to manually override


40793204WE 6 D-OF A01-24DG /V

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