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HSB-Z-030 and 040 with Load-dependent Speed Control

The HSB-Z is a lift lowering manifold with load dependent speed control.


  • Application: for simple, load dependent lift-lowering controls e.g. scissor lifts, small forklifts, and walky stackers
  • Load dependent lowering of the lifted load via 2/2 solenoid poppet valve, and combination with adjustable needle valve
  • Design of the HSB manifolds for the lift-lowering hydraulics according to the complex and varied demands of the lifting technology sector
  • Permitted load is safeguarded by a built-in pressure relief valve
  • Built-in check valve prevents uncontrolled lowering
  • Flange-mounting onto a sub-plate is possible
  • The 2/2 solenoid poppet valve includes an emergency lowering cable-pull type manual override (self-resetting), (optional with plastic knob Part-No. 6019472 for manual operation)
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