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Proportional Solenoid Valves

solenoid valves

In the context of oil hydraulics a solenoid valve can be either of spool or poppet construction. A solenoid is essentially an electro mechanical device consisting of a ferrous metal core inside a copper winding called a coil. When an electrical current is passed through the copper coil, a magnetic field is created. The ferrous core is either attracted to, or repelled by the magnetic field depending on its polarity. The polarity and magnetism causes the ferrous core to move the attached spool of the hydraulic valve, which then determines the direction of flow of oil through the valve. In order for a valve to be ‘Proportional” the electrical signal to the winding is a controlled variable current, and the design of the spool allows for a controlled variability of the oil flow.

Furthermore, HYDAC solenoid valves offer pressure relief, pressure reducing and flow control valves.

Common Solenoid Valve Uses and Applications

Proportional hydraulic solenoid valves are commonly used in industrial hydraulics, but particularly common in mobile hydraulic applications.

Industrial hydraulics – Used for the control of machines used in all manner of industry such as manufacturing where high speed, high volume production is required in order to control large cylinders or hydraulic motors. Or used to control the hydraulic cylinders that operate the slues gates for water management of a hydro-power generator.

Mobile hydraulics – This is where proportional hydraulic valves come into their own. The ability to be able to be able to control a machine with high precision. Such as the boom and winch of a hydraulic crane, or to be able to effortlessly pick and place heavy materials with a fork lift, or the steering and drive a massive container ship, or to manage the controls of large commercial aircraft.

These and many more machines that function in all manner of industries are driven by hydraulics and those hydraulics are managed by proportional controlled solenoid valves.

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