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Switch Solenoid Cartridge Valves

Switch Valves

In a hydraulic unit, directional valves serve to guide the flow.

Guiding means that it can ‘stop’ and ‘start’ the flow rate as well as ‘steering’ it.

Therefore, we differentiate between the valves according to the following main characteristics: type of actuation, number of flow paths, number of switching positions and design of the inner control element (seat valve or piston valve).

Then, we differentiate between the types of actuation: manual, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical.

Electromagnetically actuated directional valves influence the path of a flowing medium. We use magnets for electrically-switched valves. They are addressed via an electrical signal and displace the control element via a magnetic field.

What’s more, HYDAC offers in this range direct acting and pilot-operated two-way poppet valves (WS and WSM) and direct acting spool valves (WK and WKM).

These are the options of switch solenoid cartridge valves:

  • 2/2 Poppet Valves
  • 3/2 Poppet Valves
  • 2/2 Spool Valves
  • 3/2 Spool Valves
  • 4/2 Spool Valves
  • 4/3 Spool Valves
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