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Load-Sensing Sectional Control Block – LX-6


To begin with, the LX-6 is a proportional directional control valve according to the load-sensing principle pre-compensated.

Indeed, the nominal flow rate to the working ports A and B is 160 l/min. Furthermore, the main spool determines the flow direction and magnitude of flow rate.


  • Firstly, the load pressure has an independent flow control with:
    – Open Center (OC) system for a fixed displacement pump
    – Closed Center (CC) system for a variable displacement pump
  • Flow-optimized valve design
  • A high mechanical and electrical resolution
  • A compact size and low weight
  • A modular design up to 8 working sections
  • Plus, different types of operation (with/without hand lever):
    – Hydraulic
    – Electro-hydraulic (on/off, proportional)
  • Also, application-specific main spools with adjustable stroke limiter
  • Finally, shock/anti-cavitation valves for protection of actuators


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