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Hydraulic Pilot Controls – HPVS Series

Hydraulic Pilot Controls HPVS Series

HYDAC Hydraulic Pilot Control HPVS series is suitable for a wide range of both mobile and industrial applications. Indeed it presents a single lever dual-axis control. It is also supported by an extensive range of control curve characteristics and handle options.

Furthermore, our engineers can offer specialist support to optimise this product to suit your application.

What’s more, our comprehensive Sales and Service facility supports the product around the world.


  • Firstly, compact and lightweight
  • It is suitable for an armrest of console mounting
  • It is compatible with a wide range of product
  • A stylish good looks suitable for modern cabs
  • The insulation of the operator from high-temperature components
  • Proven, simple pressure reducing elements
  • Plus, a wide range of low hysteresis, high accuracy, pressure control curves
  • Also, a wide range of electrical options in both standard and multi-functional ergonomic handles
  • Finally, a low effort lever control


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