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KineSys Electro-cylinders (HEZ)

The usage of electric cylinders is suitable in many technical fields – from easy positioning, dynamic motions up to highly precise positioning tasks.

Thanks to their easy integration and no maintenance requirement, the HYDAC electric cylinders (HEZ) allow simple implementation of linear movements.

Indeed, this is the conversion of the rotation of its electric motor, by using a screwdriver, that creates a linear movement. Therefore, it’s possible to select the gearing and the drive in order to realise different positioning, forces, speeds and duty cycles. As the KineSys variable speed drive for hydraulic systems, it is therefore possible to select various types of drives.

Moreover, the range extends from a simple drive to a high precision positioning drive. In addition, the different versions have different connections for the electric motor, offering diverse installations variants.

 Technical Data:

  • An HYDAC electric cylinder (HEZ)
  • Standard series: Forces up to 25 kN
  • Stroke up to 2,000 mm
  • A positioning speed up to 1,000 mm/s
  • Also, a duty cycle up to 100 %
  • And there is the option of the frequency inverter
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