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Backflushing Filter AutoFilt® RF10


The HYDAC Backflushing Filter AutoFilt RF10 is a self-cleaning automatic filter. It has a hydrodynamic suction effect and conical JetFlush technology for a separation of solid particles from low viscosity fluids.


  • Conical filter elements
  • Slotted tube: 50 to 3000 μm
  • Also, a SuperMesh wire mesh from 25 to 60 μm


  • Back-flushing independent of pressure on the clean side of the filter
  • Dependent only on the inlet pressure
  • A highly efficient back-flushing with low-pressure conditions and long backflush lines
  • With its highly efficient back-flushing, the filter is suitable for high dirt loads and surges in contamination
  • An optional davit
  • Also, a variable filter isometry
  • Optional sacrificial anode.
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