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Stainless Steel Pressure Filter – EDF


HYDAC stainless steel pressure filters are for use in the chemical industry and in industrial processing plants.

Thanks to its range of 5 different sizes, filter materials, and sealing materials, it is, therefore, possible to adapt the filters to a wide variety of application conditions.

Depending on the particular application, reusable stainless steel filter elements are available in either Chemicron® (metal fiber) or wire mesh. Disposable filter elements are available in Betamicron® (glass fiber).

Furthermore, the element is quick and easy to change, without having to remove the filter from the pipe system. This means we can use the filter up to 200 °C. The max. permissible operating pressure for HYDAC stainless steel pressure filters is 400 bar (higher pressures on request) at 200 °C for all sizes.

Fitting a clogging indicator to the filter gives us the possibility to monitor the contamination of the filter elements. Cleaning the filter elements several times will lead to saving the costs of disposal and re-purchase.

4001 - 30 l/minEDFR-D-030-G-100-1-V-2
40025 - 60 l/minEDFR-D-060-G-100-1-V-2
40050 - 160 l/minEDFR-D-160-G-100-1-V-2
400100 - 330 l/minEDFR-D-330-G-100-1-V-2
400200 - 660 l/minEDFR-D-660-G-100-1-V-2
400500 - 990 l/minEDFR-D-990-G-100-1-V-2

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