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Stainless Steel Pressure Filter – EDF


HYDAC stainless steel pressure filters are designed for use in the chemical industry and in industrial processing plants. The range of 5 different sizes, filter materials and sealing materials means that the filters can be adapted to a wide variety of application conditions.

Depending on the particular application, reusable stainless steel filter elements are available in either Chemicron® (metal fibre) or wire mesh. Disposable filter elements are available in Betamicron® (glass fibre).

The element can be changed quickly and easily without removing the filter from the pipe system. This means the filter can be used up to 200 °C. The max. permissible operating pressure for HYDAC stainless steel pressure filters is 400 bar (higher pressures on request) at 200 °C for all sizes.

Contamination of the filter elements can be monitored by means of a clogging indicator fitted to the filter. The filter elements can be cleaned several times, thereby saving the costs of disposal and re-purchase.

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