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Gas Filters

Fluid or particulate contaminations of gas can significantly impair the service life of major components of systems and plants.

This can result in costly maintenance and repair work, or even complete downtime.

Typical problems caused solid and fluid aerosols becoming deposited on components include:

  • Erosion
  • Deposits
  • Fouling
  • Corrosion

Our filtration strategies are geared towards your specific requirements – based on established standard solutions or specially developed components and systems. The aim is the reliable removal of particles (sand, dust, abrasion, paraffin, asphaltene, etc.) and fluids (aerosols, oil mist, condensate, etc.).

The HYDAC solution is composed of different elements:

  • Wide product portfolio: particle filter, coalescence filter, pre-separator
  • Compact and maintenance-friendly filter design
  • High-quality filter element technology produced in-house
  • Optimised filter dimensioning
  • Customised designs and special solutions
  • Worldwide service and sales
  • Continuous development in HYDAC’s own research and development facilities


  • Offshore and Marine
  • Petrochemical industry / Refinery
  • Pipelines
  • Power plants
  • Booster stations
  • Compressor stations
  • Gas turbines
  • Industrial pumps
  • Hydrogen applications


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