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Process Screen Basket Filter, Change-Over Version – PRFSD


Screen basket filters are used mainly as coarse filters or pre-filters. The direction of flow is from the inside to the outside. The separated solid contamination is collected in the stainless steel screen basket and can be disposed of quickly and conveniently. By using clogging indicators which monitor the differential pressure, the condition of the screen basket filter can be determined at any time. The filter materials can be cleaned and reused, and this, therefore, reduces operating costs. Filter housings are available in carbon steel with an internal epoxy coating and in stainless steel.


  • Used as coarse filter or pre-separator
  • Change-over duplex filter (PRFSD)
  • Filtration ratings from 25 µm to 3,000 µm
  • Flow rates up to  3.600 m3/h
  • Easy to handle
  • High filtration efficiency


  • Robust filter materials are ideally suited to long-term operation
  • Regenerable filter materials
  • Low operating costs

  Areas of applications:

  • Filtration from sewage water
  • Protective filtration before heat exchangers
  • Filtration before membrane systems, UV-systems and ozonation systems
  • Filtration of cooling water
  • Filtration of process water
  • Filtration of river water


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