Smart Complete Power Unit Solutions


Smart power pack solutions – for efficient hydraulic circuit supply

We offer you a custom-fit and easy-to-install supply for your working hydraulics to keep potential primary losses as low as possible. From classic power packs to smart supply units.

HYDAC modular power pack portfolio

  • Can be configured in a modular manner (controller, inverter, motor, pump, control block)
  • High-efficiency IPM motor technology in combination with gear pumps (AZP / IZP)
  • Pump combinations with “Low Noise” or “Torque Control” option
  • Rated power: 3 – 30 kW (other power levels on request)
  • Pressure range: up to 250 (320) bar
  • Voltage supply: 24 V to 400 V DC

Click here for more information about ENGIRO motor technology. 

Adaptive pump solutions - to minimise the drive load

With custom adjustment options, we help you to make your drive as compact and efficient as possible. 

HYDAC pumps

  • Proportional torque adjustment with PPV100M
  • Discrete torque adjustment with PGE104 (PGI)
  • Equalisation (parallel functions) with Multi PPV100M

Click here for more information about HYDAC pumps. 

Smart Complete Power Unit Solutions

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