Transformer Care Unit - TCU


The TransformerCare Unit TCU is a service unit extending the operating life of oil-filled transformers and reactors.

The continuous degassing, dewatering and filtration of the insulating oil ensure low levels of the oxygen content, water content and particle contamination in the transformer. Plus, it ensures the increase of the breakdown voltage of the insulating oil. Therefore, as a result, the increase of the service life of the insulation also happens. Typically, using the TCU can extend the remaining service life of the transformer by a factor of three.

What's more, the throughput of approx. 15 m³/week prevents the formation of damaging turbulence in the transformer. The use of the TCU goes throughout the life of the transformer, while the transformer is connected and in operation.

An online monitoring of humidity and gas content in the insulating oil

Moreover, the volume of fault gases removed using the TCU corresponds to the gas formation rate in the transformer. Its interpretation is in accordance with DIN EN 60599* or DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis). In addition, the monitoring of humidity and total gas content in the insulating oil can be online. Plus, in the event of significant changes, it triggers an alarm in good time.


  • It preserves the insulating property of the transformer oil
  • An increased operating reliability
  • Also, a fault gas analysis is possible, similar to DGA
  • And it extends the remaining service life of the transformer by slowing down the process of cellulose ageing


Transformer Care Unit TCU

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