4/3 Directional Control Valve - 4WEH I 10 / 4WEH EI 10


The 4WEH I 10 and  4WEH EI 10 valves are 4/3 directional control valve. It operates electro-hydraulically.

HYDAC 4/2 and 4/3 directional valves for oil hydraulic systems open and close flow paths.

So, when it has no energy, a spring will retain the main piston in the initial position. An under oil switching magnet pushes the pilot piston in its end position whereby the main piston – hydraulically operated – moves to his end position. Therefore, the chosen flow paths will be enabled according to the symbol of the valve. After switching off the solenoid, it will push back the pilot piston in its initial position by the spring.

What's more, a manual override allows the switching of the pilot valve without erection of the solenoid.

  • It operates Electro-hydraulically by pilot valve NW6
  • Also, it flows up to 150l/min
  • And it has an internal or external pilot supply and drain line selectable by internal plug setting
43 Directional Control Valve 4WEH I 10 4WEH EI 10

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