Hydraulics Damper

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The pressure fluctuations occurring in hydraulic systems can be cyclical or one-off problems due to:

  • Flow rate fluctuations from displacement pumps
  • The actuation of shut-off and control valves with short opening and closing times
  • Switching pumps on and off
  • A sudden linking of spaces with different pressure levels

HYDAC hydraulic dampers are particularly suitable for damping such pressure fluctuations.

It is important to select the most suitable hydraulic damper for each system.

Doing so ensures that:

  • The reduction of the vibrations that cause the pipes, valves, couplings etc... Therefore, prevention of subsequent pipe and valve damages is possible
  • The protection of the measuring instruments and therefore, protection of their performance's length
  • The reduction of the noise level in hydraulic systems
  • The improvement of the performance of machine tools
  • The interconnection of several pumps in one line is possible
  • An increase in pump rpm and feed pressure is possible
  • The reduction of the maintenance and therefore servicing costs
  • The increase in the service life of the system
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