Hydraulic Filters


The HYDAC Filter Division manufactures products tailored to market requirements and to the highest quality standards, backed by modern machinery and a large production capacity. HYDAC Filtration Technology is based on intensive basic research, the solving of technical problems, specific customer requirements, and international standardisation. Whether you're looking for high-quality filter housing, or you simply need qualified information from one of Australia's premier hydraulic filters suppliers, discuss your needs with a HYDAC representative today.

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Development, design, production, quality, service and distribution are equally important to HYDAC and our hydraulic filters suppliers (partners). The concentration of all these functions in our independent filter division guarantees continuous processing, optimum cost/performance ratio, and a consistent quality standard.

Development at HYDAC means designing application orientated filtration systems based on test results from our research and test laboratories and results gained from tests and investigations on site, taking into account the requirements of the user and the manufacturer. A highly qualified development team, using computer-aided analysis, measuring and testing equipment and test rigs, ensures rapid conversion of test results.

Reliable performance

As hydraulic filters suppliers, we guarantee reliable performance and increased service life of components, systems and machinery, from the filters to filter housing products.

Due to their design and application orientated properties, HYDAC filters provide optimum performance characteristics, such as:

  • High beta stability across a wide differential pressure range
  • High-pressure stability
  • High contamination retention capacity
  • Long service life
  • Low pressure drops
  • Wide selection of filtration ratings
  • Extensive model range
  • Optimum filter materials for specific applications
  • Wide range of applications

In delivering on these properties, HYDAC hydraulic filters are able to increase the protection of components and reduce the downtime of machinery and systems.


Causes of breakdown in hydraulic and lubrication systems:

The condition of the operating fluid plays a key role in this objective, since approximately 70% of all breakdowns of hydraulic and lubrication systems can be attributed to the condition of the oil – with proven detrimental effects on the efficiency and profitability of systems and equipment. Filter housing can enhance the protection of your operating fluid, thus improving the quality of your system as a whole.

Why is filtration so important?

Selecting the optimum filtration solution contributes significantly to preventing damage caused by contamination, to increasing the availability of the system and therefore to increasing productivity considerably.

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  • What is hydraulic filter?

    Hydraulic filter is a product designed to reduce the solid and aqueous contamination in the fluid and contribute towards ensuring that systems can be operated both reliably and economically, with long availability and low maintenance costs.

    What is hydraulic filter housing?

    Hydraulic filter housing is a container which holds the filter elements.

    In order to enhance the reliability of the whole hydraulic and lubrication system, filter housings are designed to have high fatigue strength.

    The hydraulic filter housings are flow-optimized to be able to achieve a low pressure drop and a compact, space saving design. They therefore make a significant contribution to the economy of the whole system.

    What is hydraulic filter element?

    Hydraulic filter element is a product buit into its respective housing in order to lower the contamination in the fluid to the desired value, and then to maintain and stabilize this level during the entire system operating time.

    What is hydraulic filtration?

    Hydraulic filtration is a mechanical separation procedure with the aim of separating a suspension into the components "solid matter" (contamination) and "fluids".

    What is hydraulic filter clogging indicator?

    Hydraulic filter clogging indicator is a warning product designed to indicate visually and/or electrically when cleaning or changing the filter elements is necessary.

    The operational safety of a system and efficient utilisation of a filter element can only be guaranteed if clogging indicators are used.

    The filter clogging indicator will be different depending on the type of filter, vacuum, return line, or differential pressure clogging indicators.