Breather Filters

HYDAC breather filters prevent contamination and water from the surroundings from entering the system. They keep contamination and water from any connection with fluctuations of the oil level in the tank (tank breathing).

Reducing contamination by reducing air exchange:

Ideally, these breather filters should have at least the same filtration rating as the filters in the lubricating and hydraulic circuits. By using breather filters with double check valves, it can substantially reduce the air exchange between the vessel and its surroundings. Indeed, whereby it minimises the entry of contamination and dust and it increases the breather element lifetime.


  • Tank mounting filter
  • For separation of solid particles and water
  • Throughput volume up to 15,000 l/min (with Dp=0.01 bar)
  • Optional - lockable - anti-splash protection - a counter balance valve - an anti-droplet device
  • Software




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