KineSys Electro-cylinders (HEZ)

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As they are easy to integrate and need no maintenance, HYDAC electric cylinders (HEZ) allow simple implementation of linear movements. The HEZ function is achieved with the following set-up:

A (gear) motor drives the spindle via a coupling that is mounted in the bearing housing via ball bearings. The threaded nut converts the rotary movement of the spindle into a linear movement, as the nut housing is secured against turning with plain bearing guides.

The piston rod is driven by the connection with the nut housing. The motor's direction of rotation therefore causes the piston rod to extend or retract. The spindle’s rotational speed and the pitch of the thread determine the translational speed.

The inside of the HYDAC KineSys electric cylinder is protected from environmental influences by a sealing system.

To fasten the unit, there is a pivot bracket on the bearing housing and a rod end bearing on the piston rod, for example.

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