Mobile controllers and I/O modules


HYDAC / TTControl Offers State-of-the-Art Electronic Control Units & I/O Modules

Designed to be used with heavy-duty equipment of various shapes and sizes, mobile machine controllers come equipped with numerous CAN channels, have a high level of durability, and give the user complete control of the machine.

The electronic control units are safety certified CODESYS compatible controllers as well as cost-effective, high-performance mid-size ECUs targeted towards applications that need to function reliably under harsh environmental conditions. TTControl mobile machine controllers are designed to be able to work against the heat and vibration that an engine compartment can produce.

Controller Development System (CODESYS) is a development environment for programming applications that adheres to the international industrial standard IEC 61131-3 and can be achieved by using CODESYS compatible controllers. Using CODESYS, users can customise CODESYS controllers to suit their requirements by implementing customised applications.

Additional Features & Benefits of Mobile Machine Controllers:

  • Wide operating temperature range (-40° C-105°C)
  • Hardware can be quickly programed using CODESYS
  • Shock and vibration resistant due to included soft gel substance
  • Complies to CE mark per 2014/30/EU (EN 61326-1 and EN 60945)
  • Complies to ISO 13766
  • Fully-sealed IP67/IP69K protected enclosure
  • Universal inputs and software-selectable, current-regulated PWM outputs

I/O Modules

Input/Output (I/O) modules are devices that work as a connective bridge between a computer system and some type of I/O or peripheral device, which could be a printer, scanner, webcam or something else. This process makes it possible for a computer system to communicate with the external world in any way it has to. It’s not possible to transmit data between a processor and a peripheral device if there is no I/O module. It will also be impossible for the computer to interpret data into information that can be used for communication and consumption.

Our I/O modules are safety certified I/O and protected by a compact, automotive-style housing suited to mobile applications in harsh environments. Our general purpose I/O modules can cater to a range of different demands, meeting the needs of the off-highway and mobile machinery markets.

Functions of an I/O Module

  • Processor communication: Various tasks are accomplished during this process, such as data being transmitted between a processor and an I/O module, accepting and decoding commands sent by the processor, producing current status reports, and the I/O module’s ability to identify its own specific address.
  • Device communication: Standard device communications, including status reports.
  • Control and timing:I/O module must be able to regulate the flow of data between a computer’s internal resources and any type of connected external device.
  • Data buffering:Controlling the rate of the speed of transferring data between the processor and memory and peripheral devices.
  • Error detection:Identifying both mechanical errors and data related errors, and then reporting these errors to the processor.

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